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Mystic Pop Up Bar


Based on the digital comic, Twin Top Bars is quirky, heartfelt, and fun. The story centers on an outdoor bar that travels through time and space to help customers fix their problems, and the healing is accomplished by entering customers’ dreams. Hwang Jung-eum steals the show as bar owner Weol-ju. Mystic Pop Up Bar injects humor and playfulness into subject matter that usually takes a darker tone in K-dramas. There’s still plenty of tears to be shed and, of course, an epic love story sure to delight viewers who have grown tired of the traditional rom com tropes.

Quick Takes

From Ronn Tan at Buro:

From the get-go, viewers are treated to a vibrant and creative show—filled with action, laughter, and visuals (the cinematography and the cast). What’s immediately clear from Episode One is that Mystic Pop-up Bar isn’t just another light-hearted Korean drama; the show will also be touching on some really heavy subjects that are common in society, such as depression. Full Review

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