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Resident Alien


An alien crashes into the frozen woods outside the tiny town of Patience, Colorado. When the local doctor is killed, “Harry” is forced to take over his practice, and solve the murder. In the meantime, Harry searches for his downed spaceship and the device that will complete his mission on earth—human annihilation.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Resident Alien is a fun twist on an old trope, and good for at least three three laugh out loud moments per episode. I still lose it every time I think of the piano dropping on Max’s head in Harry’s fantasy, or his voice over claiming that even though people believe the leading cause of death is heart disease, it’s actually almond milk. If you’re laughing now, too, this show is for you. Read More

From Terry Terrones at The Gazette:

This excellent sci-fi series, which cleverly blends comedy and drama with a murder mysteries, is a blast. “Resident Alien” is laugh-out-loud funny, full of heart-felt moments and, much like Harry himself, surprisingly sincere. It’s the first must-watch show of 2021. Full Review

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