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Rutherford Falls


Starring Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover), this comedy centers around two best friends who face the test of a lifetime, thanks to a crisis in their small town. Helms, who co-wrote the pilot, is also co-creator of the series. In the era of cancel culture, Rutherford Falls uses comedy to correct the treatment of a Native nation. Michael Schur Is also co-creator. He is best remembered as Dwight’s brother Mose on The Office.

Quick Takes

From Saloni Gajjar at AV Club:

Comedy vet Helms brings his confident energy to the role, and meets his match in co-star and relative newcomer Schmieding, who balances his rigor with a down-to-earth and equally captivating performance. … There are a few chaotic moments (including an appearance by Paul F. Tompkins) that seem rushed, but the show finds its footing pretty quickly. Plus, it’s just a ton of fun. The series has a vibrant, heartwarming spirit. Full Review

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