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Saved by the Bell


Saved by the Bell was popular for teens in the 1990s. Peacock heads back to Bayside High, with a twist. The focus this time is on a new cast of characters dealing with an influx of underprivileged students transferred to Bayside as part of a program instituted by California governor Zack Morris (yes, THAT Zack Morris). Several of the stars from the NBC classic have supporting roles, including Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Quick Takes

From Robert Lloyd at Los Angeles Times:

At once ironic and sincere, mocking and affectionate (as one might be, looking back on one’s own youth), it starts out well and just gets better. … The returning cast fits the new mood ably. The younger players are first-rate — even better than one might notice at first, given the general air of nuttiness. But they play different levels with great skill. Full Review

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