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A fantasy musical / comedy series about a couple who meet-cute, but after three years together, end up attending a couples counseling weekend in the woods. They wander off and find themselves in an idyllic land, where music is coming from everywhere and the residents behave as if they live in a throwback musical from the 40s. they’re told they can’t leave until they find true love.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Lin Manuel-Miranda made it cool for people of all ages to become fans of musical theater, and now it’s getting the SNL treatment. For Broadway fans, Schmigadoon! is full of Easter Eggs and call backs to characters, dance numbers and songs that have thrilled audiences throughout the world for decades. Others may find it too corny or too much, and miss the parody of it all. Some will be happy to settle for just an episode or two. Watch it for the songs. Read More

From John Anderson at The Wall Street Journal:

Spoofing the theater is hardly new. … But by regularly acknowledging its own joke, “Schmigadoon!” wins. Full Review

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