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Star Trek: Discovery


Set about a decade before the events of the original series, Star Trek: Discovery introduces new ships and a diverse cast of characters in the midst of a war between the newly united Klingons and the Federation. Breakout star Sonequa Martin-Green earned critical praise in the lead role of Michael Burnham, a science officer turned mutineer, who becomes a pivotal figure in the conflict.

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Headed by showrunner Bryan Fuller, the creative force behind some of TV’s most imaginative series (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal), and Star Trek (the film) screenwriter Alex Kurtzman, this incarnation continues the trend of the last decade to make the franchise more relevant to modern audiences.

The first season was especially characterized by shocking twists, including a wild trip to the original series’ infamous Mirror Universe, which have made for fun post-episode deconstruction among fans and casual viewers alike. — Cindy White Read More

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