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Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News


The second season of the animated series parodies the latest news stories with fictional and real-world pundits and guests. The new season, a program called The Establishment, features fictional pundits and the actual CBS News White House correspondent as they take on the Biden Administration to task for their latest free pass for Saudi Arabia. “Biden made clear that if you kill an American journalist, he will tell on you to your dad,” says program host Tory Hughes, before announcing she’s the founder of “The Establishment Ideas Festival: Policy and Pipelines” based in Riyadh. “And let me just say, MBS continues to show me that he values a future where I own a Lamborghini.”

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From Dan Sarto at Animation World Network:

While political humor has been the fodder of entertainers since the first time someone hurled an onion at the fellow tribe member holding a bigger stick, Tooning Out the News is unique in its ability to skillfully and cleverly merge a satirical take on topical news with an almost real-time animation process, maintaining a production value that certainly holds its own against any other animated series being broadcast or streamed today. Full Review

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