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The Amber Ruffin Show


For a daily take on current events, The Amber Ruffin Show is a top destination. Ruffin is a former writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers. When she joined in 2014, Ruffin was the first Black woman to write for a late-night network show in the U.S. She melds elements of Meyers’ “A Closer Look” segment and “The Daily News” with her unique perspective. Peacock has extended the show for a full season and Meyers is fully vested in the program as executive producer.

Quick Takes

From Kathryn VanArendonk at New York Magazine:

Ruffin tells stories and does characters that Colbert or Fallon or Meyers would likely never think to do, and perspectives on political humor that could be on other late-night shows, but rarely are. Full Review

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