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The Good Lord Bird


“A humorous, dramatic and historical tapestry of Antebellum America based on the award winning novel by James McBride. Told from the point of view of Onion, a newly freed teenager who joins abolitionist John Brown on a holy crusade to end slavery and finds himself part of the famous 1859 raid at Harpers Ferry. Starring Ethan Hawke, Daveed Diggs and Joshua Caleb Johnson. Critics Take: Vulture calls it “a historic epic that speaks of and for the present.”

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

What can seem like a wild-ride Coen brothers adventure-comedy on one level is actually a stirring exploration of history: a peeling away of the layers of religion, identity and race that have intertwined to drive some of the biggest events that collectively shaped us.

Ethan Hawke’s performance, described as “incandescent” (Vanity Fair), combined with the narration from the once-enslaved Onion, opens the gates to a deeper look of what led to the Civil War, and what is ultimately still impacting our lives today. — Melissa Roth Read More

From Aaron Barnhart at Primetimer:

Ethan Hawke’s adaptation of the James McBride comic novel is a wildly entertaining history lesson. Full Review

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