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The Ice Road


Liam Neeson brings his particular set of skills to Netflix. It’s his first action movie to premiere on the streamer, which seems like a match made in heaven. People love ridiculous Liam Neeson action movies, and people love ridiculous action movies on Netflix. It’s honestly a surprise it took this long. Anyway, in this one, the 68-year-old action star plays an ice road trucker on a mission to rescue diamond miners trapped in a collapse in extremely rural northern Canada. He and his fellow truckers have to drive 300 miles over the ice in under 30 hours, otherwise the miners will run out of air. And suits who run the mining company Don’t want them to make it, because they Don’t want the world to know what happened. So it’s a race against time, evil businessmen, and Mother Nature.

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From Betty Jo Tucker at ReelTalk Movie:

Almost too much tension to take. Yet what happens keeps us awake. The Ice Road boasts action galore. Plus with Neeson, who asks for more? Full Review

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