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The Mosquito Coast


Brilliant inventor Allie Fox is idealistic to a fault. He wants to live in a world that’s better than the exploitative and materialistic one he inhabits and he’s doing what he can to make that world. But that requires some moral flexibility, which leads to trouble with the law. Allie finds himself on the run from government agents, who want something he has. The season follows Allie and his family as they try to escape America for greener pastures in Latin America.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

The Mosquito Coast is a family-on-the-run drama that will have you yelling “Oh my God!” at your TV at some of the twists and surprises. If you’re looking for a new thriller series to hold you over until Ozark returns for Season 4, this is it. Read More

From Joel Keller at Decider:

A fine lead performance from Justin Theroux, in addition to a story that’s been rejiggered just enough to make it more modern than its source material gives this new version of The Mosquito Coast a real chance to be the next talked-about series. Full Review

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