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The Real World Homecoming: New York


One of a handful of titles premiering on the new service before anywhere else, this weekly limited series revisits the groundbreaking MTV franchise that essentially invented reality TV as we know it today. Nearly 30 years later, the original cast from the first Real World reunites in the same New York loft where they first bonded, fought, dated, and became famous. Homecoming mixes catch-ups with flashbacks and reactions to the issues of the day—including the Capitol insurrection, which occurred as they were reuniting. If you want to get really old school, the first season in its entirety will be available to watch on the platform as well.

Quick Takes

From Jen Chaney at Vulture:

One of the most fascinating potential elements in this Real World redux will be watching how the same people unpack these issues now after three decades of experience and insight. There is also something poignant about watching these six people, several of whom have remained in touch, reconnect in person again, especially at a time when in-person reunions are impossible. Full Review

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