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The Social Dilemma


A documentary-drama hybrid that explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. From Mashable: “…a good start to figuring out the questions.” And The Spool: “…its looks at ethics and mental health are too thin to make an impact.”

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From the Watercooler:

This eye-opening documentary might be scarier than any horror movie you’ll see this fall. But that’s a good thing. Understanding the techniques these apps use to trap you is the first step toward neutralizing their influence. It topped the Netflix charts for weeks — thanks in part to the conversations it drove across social media worldwide. — Cindy White Read More

From Kevin Crust at Los Angeles Times:

Jeff Orlowski’s “The Social Dilemma” may be the most important documentary you see this year. Full Review

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