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The Uncanny Counter


The Uncanny Counter centers around a group of unlikely superheroes working at a noodle shop. The four-member crew all gained powers after near-death experiences and are now charged with capturing evil spirits who inhabit humans and commit crimes. The “counters” are a bridge between life on earth and the afterlife.

The main characters, led by So Moon (Jo Byung-gyu), add heart and humor to action scenes with masterful special effects by Studio Dragon. While at times funny and exciting, The Uncanny Counter packs an emotional punch. Get your tissues ready and enjoy the wild ride!

Quick Takes

From Pierce Conran at South China Morning Post:

Much like the scene where its protagonist So-mun (Jo Byung-gyu) soared over the wall at the beginning of the series during his initiation as a counter and slapped his painted hand on the tarmac far ahead of the prints of his future colleagues, The Uncanny Counter captured our imaginations from the get-go. Full Review

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