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Rising mogul Lena Waithe (Master of None, Queen & Slim, a million other things) executive-produces this horror anthology series from creator Little Marvin. It’s the latest horror project to mine the experiences of Black people in America for surreal but grounded terror. (There’s no shortage of Black horror stories like this to tell, unfortunately, because the horrors of American racism are boundless.) This season–which Amazon hopes will be the first of many–follows the first Black family to move into a white neighborhood in Compton in the 1950s. Their home becomes a nexus of terror, both from their racist neighbors who are trying to drive them out to a supernatural evil lurking under the surface. It looks like it’ll get under your skin.

Quick Takes

From Lea Anderson at Collider:

Them is a horror show, through and through. But while the violence is challenging, it’s not necessarily exploitative in its treatment. Full Review

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