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Thunder Force


Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are a dream team in this superhero comedy written and directed by McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone. The film is set in a world where there are no superheroes, only supervillains. McCarthy plays Lydia, an average woman who accidentally gets superpowers while visiting the lab of her former best friend Emily (Spencer), a scientist who has developed a secret formula that gives people special abilities. Now, they must unite and become the superhero team their city needs. Bobby Cannavale plays the most villainous of the supervillains, and the cast also includes Melissa Leo, Marvel’s Pom Klementieff, and Jason Bateman as a crustacean-armed baddie called “The Crab.” McCarthy and Spencer are two of America’s greatest comic actresses, and pairing them up in a Men In Black-style buddy action comedy is a brilliant idea.

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From Vincent Schilling at Indian Country Today:

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are the best haphazard superheroine duo I’ve seen. A hilarious comedy worthy of a series and/or sequel. Full Review

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