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The premise is based around a group of comic book fans who discover that the events depicted in a comic book, also called Utopia, are all coming true and leading to an apocalypse due to — wait for it — a global flu pandemic.

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From the Watercooler:

Besides the relevancy of the show’s premise and pedigree of the source material, the involvement of Flynn as well as the nostalgic appeal of John Cusack (in his first ongoing TV role) and The Office‘s Rainn Wilson are major draws. The conspiracy and thriller elements ought to keep audiences guessing, but it’s also comforting to know that the answers to the mysteries at its core have already been sorted out by the writers before the first episode even begins and, assuming it stays true to the British version, all will be revealed by the end. Read More

From Andrew Crump at Playlist:

It’s loaded with great work from its cast, particularly Lane, a talented actress with a gift for slipping in and out of genres and easily fitting into each. Full Review

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