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Wanda and Vision, of Marvel’s Avengers franchise, mysteriously find themselves tripping through decades of television history as the stars of their own show.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

A highly imaginative tribute to comic books, superhero movies, and, most obviously, the medium of television itself, WandaVision takes us tripping through decades of sitcom history while challenging us to unravel a dark and complex Marvel puzzle. Read More

From Allison Keene at Paste:

There are trappings of truth everywhere, and while viewers can spot them easily, Wanda remains willfully ignorant. It is absolutely devastating to see her spinning as fast as she can to keep this all in place, to stay ahead of her trauma, when we know that ultimately it won’t change anything. … WandaVision’s core conceit—that sometimes you just want to escape into television, into fantasy, into a daydream—couldn’t be more meta. Full Review

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