The Other Two Season

The Other Two: A Catch Up Guide Before Season 3

Chase Dreams (Case Walker) is a 13-year-old in The Other Two Season from Ohio who becomes an overnight sensation when his video “Marry U at Recess” goes viral.  Suddenly in hot demand, he and his mom, Pat, move to New York City for his newfound career.  New York is also where his two older adult siblings, Cary and Brooke, live — and where they’ve been pursuing their own dreams of acting stardom.  Just…not as successfully.

Season 1  Refresher

The Other Two SeasonNo matter what his manager Streeter (Ken Marino) throws at Chase, from having his tongue dyed to being forced to eat raw eggs, he never loses his chipper spirit.

But when he learns that his father didn’t actually die of cancer, Chase breaks down, and he needs his family to help him through it. He ends up being invited to perform at the VMA’s, where big sister Brooke, his newly appointed manager-assistant, encourages him to do a “stripped down set.” Unfortunately, it becomes clear that Chase isn’t that great of a singer.  He decides to go to college instead.

Cary (Drew Tarver), Chase’s older brother, has been trying to make it as an actor in New York for a while. But he gets sent out for commercial bits like “Man who smells fart,” and then he gets told to play it more straight — as in how a straight man would smell a fart. To make ends meet, Cary works at a restaurant, where his boss informs him of all the gay movies he watches — his attempt to be an ally.

After Chase releases a song called “My Brother’s Gay, And That’s Okay!” Cary become an overnight gay icon. Suddenly he’s ready to find a new agent, since his current one, who doubles as a cab driver, has been useless. The roles he gets him are things like “bartender on Watch What Happens Live.”  

On the romantic front, Cary is making out with his roommate, who’s “straight” and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him. He eventually puts an end to that nonsense, and realizes he’s not as comfortable with his sexuality as he thinks. He finds a potential new love interest, but Cary ultimately realizes he does deserve to date someone who wants him for who he is.

The Other Two SeasonBrooke (Helene York), Chase’s older sister, has been trying to figure out what to do with her life since she stopped dancing professionally. She becomes Chase’s maanger-assistant, as it’s clear he needs someone to look out for his security and well-being.  Of course, her new role also involves cozying up to some famous influencers, including an 11-year-old known for her insane makeup tutorials.

Brooke’s romantic life is also a hot mess, and after realizing how vapid he can be, she breaks up with her sweet boyfriend, Lance. Soon after trying her hand in the dating pool, however, Brooke wants to get back together with Lance. This time, he rejects her.

Pat, Chase’s mom, is incredibly supportive of her son’s newfound fame. Her enthusiasm and sincerity start to attract attention, and she’s tapped to become a children’s author — which lands her an interview on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. Yes, the same show where her son played a bartender.

By the end of the first season, Pat is dating Chase’s manager, Streeter, and lands a talk show of her very own, The Pat Dubek Show. Cary fires his agent, as he’s now ready for his own bigger and better things.

The Other Two — Season 2 Refresher

At the start of season two, Chase is attending NYU, where he starts getting unwanted attention from his peers and even some of his teachers.  Eager to get back to singing, Chase drops out.

Brooke and Skeeter concoct various schemes to keep him focused on anything other than singing. He dyes his hair blonde, becomes the guest editor of Vogue, and reluctantly becomes a fashion designer.

The Other Two SeasonCary is finally getting work, but not of the acting variety. He’s now the host of several internet shows, including “The Gay Minute.”  He also meets a new love interest, Jess, and while the two start off happy, Cary panics when Jess tells him he is his whole world. After spending time with an overly PDA couple, Cary breaks up with Jess. He then lands a role in a smaller indie film, Night Nurse, only for the funding to be pulled.  Since that isn’t bad enough, Cary realizes a naughty picture he sent on Grindr has gone viral.  He tries to get the photo taken down, only for it to cause a humiliating scandal on Twitter. But now he has multiple celebrities supporting him, Night Nurse gets its funding back, and Cary sets out to work on his first film.  Of course…there’s a fresh wrinkle: filming starts right before Covid.

Meanwhile, Pat’s star is rising as her talk show takes off.  But now she has little to no time for her family, as she’s sent to meet and greets, promotional appearances, and guest hosting for another TV show. Completely exhausted, Pat collapses of dehydration at Chase’s fashion show. Skeeter decides Pat needs a break, and proposes a beach vacation with her children. Pat, Chase, Skeeter, and Brooke go on a much-needed holiday.

The Other Two SeasonWith their careers becoming more complicated, Brooke becomes manager to both Chase and their mom,  Pat.  But being a manager isn’t as glamorous as it appears, she realizes. Without any time to date, Brooke books potential suitors as guests on Pat’s show, which only makes her discover that none of them are all that interesting to her, and she focuses on getting back together with Lance.

When she’s suddenly nominated as a “30 under 30” creative director for Variety, Brooke finally gets some of the limelight — and the attention of the singer she’s always wanted to manage, Alessia Cara.

By the end of the season, Brooke and Lance consider getting back together.  But her other client, little brother Chase, is fed up with how she’s redirected his career — and he tells Brooke how he really feels.

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