Lisa Frankenstein 80s classic

Lisa Frankenstein

A fresh spin on the campy monster comedy that fully embraces the absurdities of its source material, Lisa Frankenstein subverts familiar tropes and charts its own imaginative path, ultimately moving the genre forward.

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A joyful new Disney musical that pokes fun at its own tropes, Disenchanted brings back an effervescent Amy Adams from Enchanted in this sequel sure to work for all ages over the holidays.

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A wild, breathtaking, high-octane action blockbuster from India that’s also a parable about the dignity of mankind and the fight for independence and self-rule.

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Pinocchio (2022)

A new twist on one of Disney’s most iconic classics, the story about a puppet who becomes “human” is finally brought to live-action life. The film’s approach to the moral of the story is a bit different, but you could argue it is more realistic, and this is one that you will want to share with the younger generations.

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This French time-travel series on Disney+ has been compared to Stranger Things and Dark, but you can actually watch it with your kids.

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Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley is an intriguing noir film with interesting characters, rich performances, and a fantastic exploration of a mystic world through the stylized lens of Guillermo del Toro.

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