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Chris Cookson is a novelist and short-story writer specializing in Young Adult fiction. As head of the Writers Department at InkTip she helps screenwriters connect with established producers to sell their scripts. She also co-runs Novel2Screen, a blog devoted to covering TV and film adaptations of books. You can find her on Twitter: @ACCooksonWriter.
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What the Netflix Adaptation Gets Right About Shadow and Bone (and Six of Crows too)

Why does this peculiar adaptation, which on one hand is so true to the source material and on the other is a departure from a loved series, work? Because no expense was spared.

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Love on the Spectrum

A charming docu-series that educates viewers on what it means to be on the Autism spectrum, Love on the Spectrum is also a testament to the universal power of love.

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type centers female friendship and takes on many of the issues facing young women today, but it doesn’t leave out the escapism and the fun.

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The Eyes of Tammy Faye

As silly as Tammy Faye Bakker seemed on the surface, behind the layers of make-up and over-the-top TV persona was a strong, resilient woman, someone whose story sheds light on the growing power and greed of mass-marketed evangelicals.

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Who’s Likely to Win – and Who Could Upset – This Year’s Emmy Awards?

Who’s likely to win — and who could upset — this year’s Emmy Awards.

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Sex Education

This hilarious and endearing teen dramedy will pull at your heartstrings and also make you burst out laughing. You may even learn a bit about sex and relationships.

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International Teen Shows to Stream after Sex Education

Thanks to the miracle of streaming, there is now a whole bevy of international teen shows to watch, focusing on issues that are both universal and unique to their country of origin.

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AlRawabi School for Girls

AlRawabi School for Girls is a binge-worthy teen drama that is not only well written, but features a stellar cast of newcomers. While the plot is fairly universal, the insight it offers into Jordanian culture is what makes it stand out.

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Somebody Feed Phil

Despite being in foreign places and navigating unfamiliar cultures, Rosenthal demonstrates to his viewers just how food connects people from all over the world.

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These Teen Movies are Ripe for a Remake

Since Hollywood is so fond of remakes, we’ve come up with some popular teen movies that are due for one, and imagined what a modern take on them might look like.

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From K-pop Idol to K-drama Star: 10 Artists Who Can Do it All

K-drama actors are talented, good looking, and able to cry on a dime. But did you know that some can also sing, dance, rap, and perform intricate choreography for millions of fans?

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If You Loved The White Lotus, Here Are Six Shows to Watch Next

A biting satire series from creator Mike White (Enlightened, School of Rock), White Lotus covers one eventful week at an exclusive Hawaiian luxury resort, where conflict brews between the spoiled rich guests — who are all going through personal crises that money might not be able to fix — and the stressed-out workers who have

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Charlie Wilson’s War

A suddenly timely look back at how the U.S. first escalated involvement with Afghanistan in the 1980s, told through an eye-opening story that feels like it had to be made up by its Oscar-winning screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin.

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The Suicide Squad

James Gunn brings his own particular blend of irreverence and ultra-violence to the DC Universe with his take on The Suicide Squad.

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The North Water

A dark and intense historical saga, The North Water is not for everyone, but it’s a must-watch for fans of nautical period pieces and truly cinematic television.

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What If…?

What If…? is a creative and innovative departure for Marvel that should tide fans over while we wait for the next Phase 4 project.

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At a time when our lives have become more isolated, with nameless people providing food and services through our phones, Blindspotting drops us into a community of neighbors who show up for each other. Old school? Maybe, but it could be what we need right now.

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Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs is a fresh comedy series from a community that’s never made a show like this before. It’s one of the best new comedies of the year so far.

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