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Why You Should Watch Abducted in Plain Sight

With director Skye Borgman’s latest documentary, Girl in the Picture, now available on Netflix, we decided to revisit her most famous documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight.

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What to Watch This Weekend: July 15-17

Our weekly streaming picks for the weekend of July 15 feature a handful of literary adaptations and one standout reality series.

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Where to Watch the 2022 Emmy Nominees

Have you seen all 2022 Emmy award nominees yet? We’ll tell you where to find the major contenders so you can add them to your watch list.

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Watercooler Interview: Dominic Monaghan on Moonhaven, Lightsabers vs. Rings of Power, and What He’s Watching

Moonhaven star Dominic Monaghan talks about his new sci-fi series on AMC+, why you should watch it, and why he wants to play a villain.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Thor: Love and Thunder

With Thor: Love and Thunder hitting theaters we thought you could use a Watercooler Guide to all the Thor that’s come before.

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Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato is pretty corny but it’s the exact kind of sweetly innocent cupfection that will melt in your mouth. What’s more, the film offers a slightly more authentic ending than the average rom-com fare.

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The Princess

The Princess is an unexpected, action-filled fairytale that pays tribute to the martial-arts genre centered around a tough heroine worth cheering for.

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What to Watch This Weekend: July 1-4

Our weekly streaming picks for the weekend of July 1 should keep you entertained over the holiday weekend in between the fireworks.

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Heartbreak High

A smartly written often provocative dramedy about an Australian high school that portrays a wide range of Gen Z personalities and the problems that they currently face.

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From the fresh take on an origin story to the technicolor dream world and terrific acting, Pearl deserves to be on your horror radar. It is most compelling as a dissection of a broken woman who came of age during a time and in a place that brought out the evil in her.

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A cleverly written, delightfully acted spoof of Hollywood’s obsession with calling “do-over” on retro television series, Reboot brings a deep bench of talented cast members and a generous helping of inside baseball surrounding the TV industry.

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The Patient

A sharply-written character study and tense psychological thriller from the creators behind The Americans, The Patient is propelled by a pair of Emmy-worthy performances from Steve Carell and Domhall Gleeson.

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A more psychologically complex part of the Star Wars story, Andor will help you better understand the characters…and the universe.

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One Day at a Time

A masterpiece of a modern family sitcom, One Day at a Time is that rare three-generation watch that families from all backgrounds can relate to.

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What to Watch This Weekend: Sept 16th-18th

We’ve tapped our community of contributors to sift out the best 4 shows or movies to watch this weekend for JAM.ai, the new way to share and listen to bite-sized audio.  Here’s the quick take on what they recommend: Make Me Laugh Surreal comedy Atlanta returns for its fourth and final season, and after spending

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Sins of our Mother

A timely, shocking docuseries that has made headlines before its release, Sins of our Mother will make you question assumptions about how people fall under the spell of charismatic “leaders” and charismatic “victims.” This one is bound to make your blood curl.

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