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Too Hot to Handle

If the summer heat is cooking your brain, finish it off by throwing it on the grill that is Too Hot to Handle. There’s an all new season to binge, and you’ll only regret it if you actually feel guilt from your guilty pleasures.

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The Evolution of The Rock & His Khakis

In honor of the upcoming Jungle Cruise film, we present a list of some of the best films where The Rock rocks his signature khaki look.

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A vicarious vacation to Italy’s Adriatic coast that lulls you in with its summer romances, lapping waves, rich-hued cinematography, and Italian classics soundtrack.

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The Last Letter from Your Lover

A date night movie that transports you to a lush 1960s French Riviera, the adaptation of the JoJo Moyes novel entwines two eras and two sharply contrasted romances, delivering a wistful summer escape watch.

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Emmy Watch: PEN15 Elevates the Awkward Teen Comedy

In all its embarrassing glory and inadvertent hilarity, PEN15 shows us what it is to be a teenager—specifically a teenage girl–and reminds us that those days are not so far behind us.

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What to Expect in Season 2 of Ted Lasso

The critically acclaimed series continues to defy expectations. So what’s ahead for Ted Lasso and his football family in Season 2?

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Why This Is Us Could Nab a Emmy

This Is Us faces some stiff competition at the Emmys this year, but the show’s fifth season may be its most deserving yet.

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Our Favorite Movie References in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is packed with Warner Bros. references. Here are some of our favorites and where to watch them.

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While attending a couples counseling retreat, a pair on the brink of breaking up step into a throwback land straight out of a musical in this clever, funny, and disarming escape watch.  

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Best of Fall TV 2021

Although we may be living in an age of non-stop new streaming content releases, there’s still something special about the fall TV season. Just as you can count on leaves changing colors, the air turning cooler, and pumpkin spice appearing in everything, you can look forward to fall as a time for a fresh wave

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The Wonder Years (2021)

Fans of the original show will love the familiar premise, while new viewers will enjoy the chemistry of the cast and the hilarity of the writing.

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Love on the Spectrum

A charming docu-series that educates viewers on what it means to be on the Autism spectrum, Love on the Spectrum is also a testament to the universal power of love.

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type centers female friendship and takes on many of the issues facing young women today, but it doesn’t leave out the escapism and the fun.

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The Eyes of Tammy Faye

As silly as Tammy Faye Bakker seemed on the surface, behind the layers of make-up and over-the-top TV persona was a strong, resilient woman, someone whose story sheds light on the growing power and greed of mass-marketed evangelicals.

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Who’s Likely to Win – and Who Could Upset – This Year’s Emmy Awards?

Who’s likely to win — and who could upset — this year’s Emmy Awards.

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Sex Education

This hilarious and endearing teen dramedy will pull at your heartstrings and also make you burst out laughing. You may even learn a bit about sex and relationships.

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International Teen Shows to Stream after Sex Education

Thanks to the miracle of streaming, there is now a whole bevy of international teen shows to watch, focusing on issues that are both universal and unique to their country of origin.

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AlRawabi School for Girls

AlRawabi School for Girls is a binge-worthy teen drama that is not only well written, but features a stellar cast of newcomers. While the plot is fairly universal, the insight it offers into Jordanian culture is what makes it stand out.

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