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Dead to Me

At a time when there is too much actual death everywhere in real life, Dead to Me is a tonic with both the unapologetic sharpness of the humor combined with its emotional groundedness.

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The Good Karma Hospital

A timely drama from India that explores the very human struggles of doctors and nurses inside a struggling hospital. The show has hooked audiences in its home country and overseas.

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At its best, this show is high art, mixing creativity, believability, thoughtfulness, and heart into some of the finest individual episodes of TV you can find.

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After Life

Death is easy. Living is hard. Friendship is redemptive. It’s an uplifting wake-up call to getting on with life in the face of loss.

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Outer Banks

A suspenseful and seductive class drama set against the sea grass swept barrier islands of the Carolinas, Outer Banks has hooked audiences with its attractive cast, bombastic personalities, and search for a buried treasure. Watch it as a scripted follow-up to Too Hot To Handle.

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I Know This Much Is True

A heavy dose of tragedy, I Know This Much is True is a sociological drama that peels back several layers to examine the forces that collide to make us who we are.

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Oprah Talks COVID-19

If you need a bit of hope, or want to see how coronavirus is from someone asymptomatic but positive, this is a game changing show.

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Better Call Saul

The show may play out against some bleak backdrops, but Bob Odenkirk will draw you in and keep you engrossed throughout this gripping saga.

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Last Week Tonight

The show manages to call out hypocrisies and sound alarm bells, but does so with levity and punchlines, giving your head – and stomach – a way to process it all.

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Archive 81

Archive 81 is a binge-worthy, well-paced horror/sci-fi series that will keep viewers intrigued and filled with anticipation during each of its eight gripping episodes. It’s edge-of-your seat good!

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The Shows and Movies We’re Looking forward to in 2022

We asked some of our contributors about their most anticipated shows of 2022. Read on for their picks, and feel free to add your own.

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Yellowjackets is a dark and potent cocktail, mixing genres in a way that makes it fresh and different from anything you’ve seen before. It digs deep into the human psyche, testing the boundaries of what its characters (and audience) can endure, but also keeps you wanting more.

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The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog delivers amazing vistas and performances, some of which may still be seared in the mind after viewing. There is a uniqueness in the story and in the acting, thanks to the joint efforts of Campion and Cumberbatch.

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Get Started on your New Year’s Resolution with these Streaming Workouts

If your new year’s resolution is to get in shape these streaming workouts will get you off the couch without having to leave your home.

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Seven K-Dramas to Look Forward to in 2022

In 2021, international mega-hit Squid Game introduced the power of South Korean storytelling to a broader worldwide audience. K-drama fans have historically streamed content on services like Viki or hoped their favorite TvN or JBTC series would be picked up by Netflix. Even prior to last year Netflix had started making inroads with quality original

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What Will Make Oscar History This Year?

Which movies will get nominated for an Oscar in 2022, and which of them are poised to make history? Veteran entertainment journalist Jerry Barmash looks at all the firsts. Prepare your ballots with our guide.

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