20-Something Blues? Your Post-College Watchlist

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing people my age on screen. The problem is, twenty-three-year-olds are usually playing high schoolers. And while I’ve relished the avalanche of shows and movies about high school’s clique-ridden trials, and even the few that explore college’s rich landscape, I was ready for something that reflected my own freshly post-commencement life.

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12 Book Adaptations to Get Excited About

With each New Year comes a fresh lineup of literary adaptations, and 2023 will not disappoint audiences. Much-anticipated sequels (Dune, Shadow and Bone) finally arrive to satiate followers. Beloved classics (Wonka, The Color Purple) get new spins—and songs. Judy Blume adds another film adaptation to her career as an author, as does Bram Stoker. Whether

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The Oscar Contenders for Best International Film

In recent years, the Motion Picture Academy has made a concerted effort to represent more diverse and international perspectives, and the expansion of its membership has put “subtitled films” on the radars of voters — and, in some cases, in contention for the biggest awards. The turning point came just three years ago, when South

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