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Why it’s worth your time:

A powerful look at an often forgotten chapter in recent history – and an often-overlooked civil rights champion: Dolores Huerta. The documentary questions why the pioneering activist, who co-founded what would become the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez and was with Bobby Kennedy just before he was assassinated, was left out of the history books. “I know she set me on fire about racial justice,” Gloria Steinem attests in the film. “I would not be able to see what’s hidden in the fields of our country without Dolores.”

The takeaway:

Dolores is a gripping history lesson that also sheds light on the risks, sacrifices and compromises required to organize and sustain a movement.

Watch it with:

Anyone who needs some inspiration — and some proof that nonviolent activism can truly drive change.

Worth noting:

While the portrait of Huerta is heartfelt, it doesn’t shy away from examining some of the costs of her activism, including the impact it had on her 11 kids. You will want to talk about it afterward.

Where to watch it:

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