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Uncle Frank

At a time when families have been divided by political disagreements, Uncle Frank explores the enduring, loving bonds of family and the ways they link us together – whether we live close or worlds apart.

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Find Me Fun
The Family Stone

An all-star classic that inflicts just enough discomfort to feel cathartic because of its familiarity. You’ll feel like a member of this functioning dysfunctional family.

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Leads You'll Fall For
Dash & Lily

If all the usual formulaic holiday movies are starting to blend into each other, this YA Christmas love story is refreshingly different.

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Holiday Features

Your New Year’s Eve Streaming Date

So the plans got scotched. Again. And you’re staring down a New Year’s Eve on drunk Zooms or alone with your remote.  Chin up!  There’s a binge-watch date out there that will cure what ails you. Breakout the champagne and chocolate and curl up on the couch with these surrogate lovers. The Holiday’s Graham (Jude

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The Best New Movies and Shows to Stream in November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Season! We’re grateful that the streaming services have been saving a lot of their big-ticket items for November, because there is an abundance of riches in the new shows and movies coming to Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ this month.  We can’t even include all of the highly anticipated titles you can stream in

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