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guide to the best movies and tv shows
Colin Kaepernick
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In Kern County and Bakersfield they teach the police it’s “cheaper to kill than wound a suspect.” Listen to the Sheriff for yourself. Find out what else happens in Killing County. Now available on Hulu.
guide to the best movies and tv shows
JB Richards - Historian & Multi-Genre Author
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Must See TV—Netflix’s Hilarious History Mockumentary, Cunk on Earth: History buffs will roar with laughter as journalist Philomena Cunk leads a landmark mockumentary on civilization, tracing humankind’s journey from prehistory to the present day.
guide to the best movies and tv shows
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🗣 Go watch on Amazon Prime HARLEM and RICHES........ Thank me later 🥰
guide to the best movies and tv shows
Leah Rochelle
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Jason Segel (as Jimmy) in Shrinking is the new Ted Lasso-esque character you didn’t know you needed.
guide to the best movies and tv shows
Stephen Gillespie
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Soren Kirkergaard wrote that 'life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards'. Aftersun is an impressionistic portrait of this truism, an intricate web of framing devices that comes across as effortless.
guide to the best movies and tv shows
G. Willow Wilson@GWillowWilson
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The Pale Blue Eye is real good. That strange fellow chewing scenery as Edgar Allan Poe? That's Dudley Dursley from the HP movies. Yes, really. Wow.
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guide to the best movies and tv shows
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