The Freshman

An endearing time capsule of a film that your great (great) grandparents likely watched, The Freshman captures the innocence and physical antics of silent era comedy with a clever story that even overstimulated kids would get a kick out of.

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Theater Camp

Theater Camp is a treat for those who remember what it’s like to be young and to have a dream, and who haven’t forgotten all the sweat and ambition that comes with it, and how it can feel like the most important thing that has ever happened. The world of AdirondACTS is richly envisioned, and the purpose of the movie is to relish in it – a haven away from the real world where everyone knows who Fosse is, and is excited to teach you some steps. 

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College Graduation Movies

A 90s Slacker Film for the Reluctant College Grad

When Kicking and Screaming came out in 1995, it fit squarely within the youth culture of its time College Graduation Movies. With Clinton in the White House and the Pixies on the radio, apathy was par for the course. The term “slacker” became a signifier for a certain kind of seemingly unambitious cool-kid scene. Coming

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The Other Two

A surprisingly sweet satire about fame in all its forms, The Other Two proves that not even superstars have it easy. But with the support of family — biological or created — making it as an actor/writer/manager/singer/fashion designer/talk show host/influencer is a little more feasible.

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A charming, escapist Spanish rom-com series that pivots around two gay men, Smiley takes a playful and practical look at all of the complexities surrounding gay and straight modern relationships.

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See How They Run

A clever, fun, and laugh-out-loud escape watch, See How They Run is a cheeky send-up of an Agatha Christie whodunit with just enough mystery, farce, and talent to keep you immersed.

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A cleverly written, delightfully acted spoof of Hollywood’s obsession with calling “do-over” on retro television series, Reboot brings a deep bench of talented cast members and a generous helping of inside baseball surrounding the TV industry.

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Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato is pretty corny but it’s the exact kind of sweetly innocent confection that will melt in your mouth. What’s more, the film offers a slightly more authentic ending than the average rom-com fare.

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Old Enough!

Though the idea of sending a three-year-old to the supermarket by themselves might seem terrifying, the Japanese documentary series Old Enough! is hardly a white-knuckle experience. It’s a sweet and watchable show showcasing the kids’ natural charisma.

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Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a fun and joyful teen superhero series that plays close to the comics and other cinematic influences, but ultimately follows its own path.

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