The Holdovers

A cross-generation watch that delivers a breath of fresh air to the holiday movie season, The Holdovers will tug at your heartstrings as it wrestles with deeper themes — ultimately nurturing hope.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

A fun, comical, unexpected breath of fresh air, Scott Pilgrim vs the World blends cleverly crafted action with a story about how to deal with the pain of young love, accept ourselves and move on – shifting our focus from the past to the present.

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The Freshman

An endearing time capsule of a film that your great (great) grandparents likely watched, The Freshman captures the innocence and physical antics of silent era comedy with a clever story that even overstimulated kids would get a kick out of.

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Asteroid City

Asteroid City is like a trip to a resort — it’s fun, colorful, outwardly buoyant and a little soulless, a potent combination that makes it both a pinnacle of Wes Anderson’s style and a slight miss as a narrative picture.

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Stories about pre-teen girls find a natural rhythm with the hero’s journey. The call to adventure, facing allies and enemies, crossing the threshold of the mortal world—an eleven-year-old girl can experience all of this during one lunch period. When Margaret moves from Manhattan to suburban New Jersey, it begins her harrowing journey through the messiness, questioning, and excitement of becoming a teenager. An essential story.

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College Graduation Movies

A 90s Slacker Film for the Reluctant College Grad

When Kicking and Screaming came out in 1995, it fit squarely within the youth culture of its time College Graduation Movies. With Clinton in the White House and the Pixies on the radio, apathy was par for the course. The term “slacker” became a signifier for a certain kind of seemingly unambitious cool-kid scene. Coming

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