Perfect Days oscar movie Wim Wenders

Perfect Days

A meditation on finding beauty in the ordinary and dignity in manual labor, Perfect Days serves as a lesson as well as a blueprint on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. It underscores the importance of finding solace in solitude and happiness from the simple act of living.

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Come From Away

If you want to understand the impact of 9/11 but all the coverage is getting you down, Come from Away should lift your spirits and renew your hope.

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The Me You Can’t See

For anyone dealing with any kind of mental issue, this series will show them they’re not alone. It doesn’t have all the answers, but it sparks a conversation and may even provide a lifeline to those longing to be seen.

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Giving Voice

A timely documentary full of hope, joy, happy endings…and a gut-wrenching John Legend song. It will inspire kids who could use some encouragement to realize they, too, could share their voice.

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Best Wedding Dance

Say I Do

Inspiring, love-filled, and will give you hope for humanity. Each episode centers around a couple’s complex love story, while one is secretly planning the wedding of their dreams.

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