Before the Flood

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Why it’s worth your time:

This documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio is far more than a lecture from Hollywood, and far more immersive, too. Featuring exclusive interviews with leading climate scientists, eco-friendly politicians, and even the Pope, Before the Flood explores climate change’s ecological impact as well as the political and economic forces that hinder true progress. In the end, the movie provides a jarring view of the roles we all play in the drama, wittingly or not. Though pessimistic at times, the movie ends on a decidedly optimistic note. Whether that ending comes true is up to us.

The takeaway:

Before the Flood offers expert insights and data-driven facts while asking profound questions you may not anticipate. For example, “Should developing nations give up middle-class dreams because the West destroyed the world?”

Watch it with:

People who want a greater understanding of how corporate interests influence our buying habits, politics, and planet.

Worth noting:

There’s disturbing footage of real-life climate change consequences. Yet even if you’re not impacted by such imagery, this movie will almost certainly make you reconsider many of your everyday decisions.

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