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Bling Empire

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What it’s about:

Bling Empire is a reality TV show that follows the everyday lives of some wildly wealthy Los Angeles based Asian American socialites. Through glamorous themed dinner parties, impromptu shopping trips to Vegas and Paris, and predictable drama, viewers get an inside look at not only the multi-million dollar mansions in the Los Angeles area but also at the private thoughts and inner struggles of each cast member.

Names you might know:

Produced by Jeff Jenkins. Starring Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, and Kim Lee.

Why it’s worth your time:

Dramatic, yet still light-hearted and humorous, this reality TV show follows a few simple but entertaining storylines of a group of ultra-rich business moguls, heiresses, philanthropists, and fashion influencers. Committed to promoting cultural diversity in the entertainment world, the cast invites viewers to learn more about Asian culture through celebrations like Chinese New Year’s, a baby’s first hundred days, and Singapore Day.

Though the cast members sometimes get caught up in petty socialite drama, like who has the better diamonds, or which society queen gives better party favors, this unscripted series is also surprisingly deep as we watch them navigate personal experiences that a larger population can resonate with. The show documents the personal thoughts and raw emotions of the cast members as they experience the inner turmoil of searching for their birth parents, and profiles feelings of shame and embarrassment associated with having children out of wedlock. 

At times outrageous and highly unrelatable, like when a cast member takes personal shopping to new heights by asking Gucci staff to bring the latest collections to her own living room, Bling Empire welcomes viewers into a glamorous world that we otherwise can’t access.

The takeaway:

Bling Empire is a rather emotional watch, as it takes viewers on a deep dive into the personal experiences of an otherwise very private community. Bling or not, it seems that we all grapple with feelings of belonging, and deal with pressure to succeed and live up to family expectations.

Watch it with:

Fans of Crazy Rich Asians and reality shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians that follow high profile society members. But honestly, watch with anybody who’s looking to escape these mundane pandemic days and who wants to be transported into a world where money knows no bounds.

Worth noting:

There’s occasional yelling, bare bums, and liberal use of F-bombs, in case you want to watch with younger ones.

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