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Why it’s worth your time:

Though this comedy charms you with whip-smart dialogue and quirky characters, it is, at its core, tragic. Like Sex and the City, it’s about love and relationships in the lives of characters that are constantly screwing them up. But also, like classic Shakespeare, it’s all about the flaws that undermine the story’s hero. This hero, though, is an unconventional one: a sharp-tongued sex addict who’s alternately confident and cowardly, compassionate and cold. Also unconventional is the way in which she communicates with the audience directly, becoming both the narrator and the subject at once. And, though it’s downcast at times, especially in the second season, Fleabag sticks the landing with a clever and strangely uplifting finale. Will provoke conversations about all the strange forms that mental illness can take.

The takeaway:

Wordy comedy that will wound your heart in just the right way as its brilliant ensemble cast casually diagnoses the human condition with surprising clarity.

Watch it with:

Anyone who feels (or is) a little bit dysfunctional at times.

Worth noting:

The show’s characters are often quite badly behaved, so if you like a straightforwardly sympathetic cast, you might look elsewhere.

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