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Love is Blind

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Why it’s worth your time:

The Bachelor meets Married at First Sight, Love is Blind is Netflix’s attempt at a reality TV dating show. Super binge-worthy and current, 30 men and women are stuck isolated away from society in “pods” where they can’t see any other person. With just conversation to go off of, these couples date each other through their voices, and ultimately have to decide who to marry without ever seeing the person. Though some parts are cheesy, this 10-episode show is lighthearted, fun, and the couples are unique and down to earth.

What You Can Expect:

Love is Blind opens up with the 30 different cast members. We watch as they “fall in love” with each other, talking to the other person up to 19 hours a day. Though they can date every person there, they quickly find who they have the most chemistry with and pair off with them. Away from the outside world, there isn’t too much drama. But, that all changes once they pair off and meet in Playa Del Carmen for a couples retreat with the one person they chose.

It’s in this delightful twist where we really get invested in our couples. Are they really happy with who they chose?

Our original 30 gets narrowed down to 12, and the couples all meet each other on the couples retreat. This is when the drama ensues, and you’ll be bingeing on all the good stuff that comes with reality TV. The couples then move to an apartment complex in Atlanta. It’s here that they get to acclimate living with each other, meet the other person’s friends and family, and see whether or not they’re truly compatible. Can you live with someone you’ve only known for a few weeks? How everyone handles it is pretty interesting.

In the end, the couples go to the altar, and it’s once they’re there that they have to decide to stay together or break up. The results aren’t quite what you expect, and they follow up with the couples nearly a year and a half later for a reunion episode.

The takeaway:

Love is Blind is for those who might feel like they’re stuck quarantined in a pod just like the contestants and need a little pick me up + drama to feel better. If you’re a fan of reality TV and always love getting into a new fandom, this is a great show to watch. Not nearly as catty as The Bachelor and a lot less out there than Married at First Sight, it seems that love really might be blind after all—and this show’s ready to renew our faith in falling in love.

Watch it with:

Yourself, your friends, and family and who love reality TV. With plenty of people watching and following along, fans everywhere are begging Netflix for season 2.

Worth noting:

Though the show itself is fairly lighthearted, there are some serious conversations about race, sexuality, and past transgressions that occur with a few of the couples. It’s interesting to see how some couples handle these topics gracefully while others spiraled out of control.

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