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NASA’S Unexplained Files

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Why it’s worth your time:

We only know 5 percent of our observable universe, and of that discovered still remains light years from true understanding. NASA’s Unexplained Files strives to demystify NASA files and unusual phenomenon of the cosmos (and unusual sightings here on Earth), using credible sources like physicists, astronomers, former astronauts, NASA employees, historians, scientists, and investigators. There’s no dark matter unexplored. Light is shed on everything from previously confidential transcripts from space missions (like a strange fire astronauts passed on the moon) to scientific intel on new discoveries like exo-planets outside our solar system.

The takeaway:

Experts take on facts and statements, not conjecture, which makes NASA’s Unexplained Files legitimate. With compelling evidence and insight provided through various segments per episode, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole (or, rather, wormhole) on what lies beyond our perception.

Watch it with:

Friends who are fascinated with space.

Worth noting:

In response to the unexplained or unanswered points made, many experts allude to knowledge and origins that defy physics and abandon mainstream thinking, so viewers should be prepared to think outside the box.

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