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The Good Karma Hospital

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Why it’s worth your time:

Seeing medicine through the lens of an under-resourced and overworked hospital, Good Karma follows Dr. Ruby, a disillusioned doctor who leaves the UK after a broken relationship in the hopes of making a fresh start in South India. The drama-packed series sees Dr. Ruby finding answers to many of her personal questions as she navigates stressful and overwhelming circumstances at the hospital via her relationships with her seniors and colleagues, as well as local patients.  The cases are fascinating, but so is her shock at how under-staffed the hospital is.  It’s worth watching to see how the team comes up with innovative situations to confront seemingly impossible problems.

The takeaway:

The series shows the human side of doctors and gives a great reality check about the situation of medicine in developing nations like India. It’s a peek inside how doctors battle multiple emotions while keeping a straight face — putting aside personal priorities and overcoming dire circumstances like floods and pouring rains while trying to save a patient’s life. It shows that doctors indeed try really hard to do what’s best for the patient, and despite it all, they are humans and may fail.

Watch it with:

Anyone wanting to pursue medicine or nursing as a career must watch this. Nurses and doctors will connect to the situations and find it therapeutic to see how the characters deal with their troubles and manage to keep the boat afloat at all times.

Worth noting:

Developing and under-developed countries suffer from a serious lack of resources and a burgeoning list of patients. Doctors and nurses manage much more than patients in such countries, and it’s commendable that they manage to still save lives under such circumstances. It is humbling to see that noble professions like that of a doctor or nurse are not left untouched by the daily grindings of the society, and to witness how they manage to keep their calm despite the flood gates being open.

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