Watercooler Picks

We tapped writers for media outlets ranging from The Washington Post to the Guardian, Vanity Fair to VICE to GQ and asked them to recommend original series and films that you’ll want to talk about afterward.  Find a binge watch below that piques your curiosity or matches your frame of mind.

Shock Me
Liam Mathews

Lisey’s Story

Lisey’s Story is an enchanting, frightening tale of magic and memory that’s in the upper echelon of Stephen King adaptations.

Find Me Joy
Cindy White

In the Heights

Like the musical that inspired it, In the Heights is filled with life, music, color, and passion. It literally radiates joy.

Find Me Fun
Liz Coopersmith


A fun and entertaining YA-level Disney movie that’s lovely to look at, just a little over the top, and not to be taken too seriously.

Help Me Process
Dr. Juli Fraga

In Treatment (2021)

A timely reboot that depicts the vital relationship between a therapist and patient, and the meaningful role it plays in fostering growth and change.

Make Me Feel
Cindy White

Bo Burnham: Inside

To call Bo Burnham: Inside a comedy special doesn’t quite do it justice. There are moments of humor, to be sure, but also moments that will make you want to cry.