Watercooler Picks

We tapped writers for media outlets ranging from The Washington Post to the Guardian, Vanity Fair to VICE to GQ and asked them to recommend original series and films that you’ll want to talk about afterward.  Find a binge watch below that piques your curiosity or matches your frame of mind.

Jerry Barmash


For a history lesson and trip down memory lane, movie fans should not skip Mank, a tribute to the cinematic legend of Citizen Kane.

Soothe Me
Cindy White

The Great Pottery Throw Down

Watching a group of craftsman create practical works of art before your eyes isn’t just entertaining, it’s a soothing escape from your day-to-day troubles.

Emily Mallon

Hello, Me!

More laughter than tears, Hello, Me is a quirky crowd pleaser. Plot holes may arise from the time-travel storyline, but give yourself permission to enter the fantasy.

Find Me Action
Liz Coopersmith

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

With all the DC heroes together in their best light, a gorgeous, more layered production — the Snyder Cut is a great case study for how much of a difference directing and editing can make.

Grip Me
Liz Coopersmith

Ginny and Georgia

Deeper and more complex than it might seem, this is the kind of show that draws you in and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next.