Watercooler Picks

We tapped Oscar winners, bestselling novelists, Golden Globe jurors, political scientists, and contributors to outlets ranging from Rolling Stone to The Washington Post to IGN and asked them to recommend films and shows that you’ll want to talk about afterward. Here are their latest picks.

Inspire Me & Make Me Laugh
Felipe Patterson

American Born Chinese

A surprising and often captivating take on the high school comedy, American Born Chinese blends the playful with the profound in a rare family watch that embraces Asian culture and heritage.

Romcom Therapy
Sarah Mina Osman

You’re the Worst

Through the eyes of two cynics who seem doomed to be alone, You’re the Worst embraces the complexity of modern relationships and the many emotional layers they surface. It’s also an accurate and empathetic portrait of what it’s like to live with clinical depression.

Inspire Me
Melissa Roth

Angel City

A goose-bump inspiring docuseries that takes us on to the field and into the surprising back story of how LA’s new professional women’s soccer team came to be, upending the model behind pro sports teams and finally, truly, changing the game.

Take Me Back
Cindy White

Derry Girls

Like the community and era they represent, the Derry Girls bring a feisty resilience to their teenage troubles, and in spite of the larger Troubles surrounding them, they’re unafraid to speak their minds and stand up for themselves.

Grip Me
Felipe Patterson

Class of ’09

A smart, complex, and timely take on the past and future of law enforcement in the U.S., Class of ’09 is sure to generate moral questions while driving much needed conversation. 

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