Watercooler Picks

We tapped Oscar winners, bestselling novelists, Golden Globe jurors, political scientists, and contributors to outlets ranging from Rolling Stone to The Washington Post to IGN and asked them to recommend films and shows that you’ll want to talk about afterward. Here are their latest picks.

Distract Me
Cindy White

FBoy Island

A fresh and fun twist on the dating show genre that is definitely created from the female point of view. Set in the stunning Cayman Islands, with 24 gorgeous men, it says the quiet parts out loud and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you don’t have to either. Get the girls together and play along at home.

Transport Me
Emily Mallon


A racy, seductive drama that defies K-drama tropes, Nevertheless is about a friends-with-benefits relationship that explores all of the confusion, lust, insecurity and pain of college-age relationships. Watch this one with a crush and cocktail.

Romance Me
Liam Mathews

She’s Gotta Have It

Free-spirited artist Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise) juggles three lovers while trying to stay true to herself in this sexy comedy-drama series that brings a timely update to Spike Lee’s 1986 film. A hidden gem that ran from 2017-2019, it’s waiting to be rediscovered on Netflix. 

Enlighten Me
Jerry Barmash

My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart is one of the biggest names in fashion and modeling, but it’s her ultra-Orthodox Jewish past and conflicted family that provides the drama for this reality series.

Liam Mathews

Too Hot to Handle

If the summer heat is cooking your brain, finish it off by throwing it on the grill that is Too Hot to Handle. There’s an all new season to binge, and you’ll only regret it if you actually feel guilt from your guilty pleasures.

Transport Me
Watercooler Staff


Take yourself on a vicarious vacation to Italy’s Adriatic coast and disappear into this streaming equivalent of a beach read. It will lull you in as much by the summer romances as by the lapping waves, rich-hued cinematography, and Italian classics soundtrack.