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The Crimson Kimono movie poster

The Crimson Kimono


The film combines genres (maybe three) and brims with searing humanity, something in heartbreaking scarcity these days. If you think about when The Crimson Kimono was released (1959) and who made it, it’s all the more astonishing.

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From the Watercooler:

Journalist, novelist, World War II veteran, “man’s man,” and singular auteur of American cinema Samuel Fuller imbued this film with fierce empathy for a Japanese American protagonist (played by James Shigeta) who is sensitive, sexual, complex, and explosive. They still don’t make films like that stateside. And, oh how the light falls on the face of Victoria Shaw, who, like Shigeta, crafts a marvelous performance.

Come to think of it, sensitive, raw, refined, and ahead of his time characterize The Crimson Kimono’s director, himself. — Oscar-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher: Read More

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