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Wonder Woman 1984


The fantastic opening sequence in Themyscira, the Amazonian paradise that raised Wonder Woman, brings back Lilly Aspell, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright — reprising their roles in the original film as a young Diana, Queen Hippolyta, and her sister General Antiope. We see Diana learn that “greatness doesn’t come from lies.”

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Wonder Woman 1984 has its issues, but it’s a funny, nostalgic and heartwarming escape, and the special-effects are terrific. The performances and the period theme do a good enough job of carrying the movie. The ultimate takeaway? We may feel all alone, but remember, we’re in this together. Read More

From Richard Roeper at Chicago Sun Times:

To be sure, we get a classic comic book movie storyline about a megalomaniacal madman intent on taking over the world, but there’s often a relatively light tone to the proceedings. This is a throwback piece of pure pop entertainment. Full Review

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