Sundance from Home: 10 Movies to Stream

Now celebrating its 4oth year, the most influential film festival in the U.S. is not just for festival goers anymore. Between January 25th until the 28th, you can stream dozens of this year’s Sundance films and award winners from the comfort of their couch. These are the movies that drive cultural conversations — often throughout the year — so catching them during Sundance is like being granted special foresight.

Much like in person, however, online tickets can sell out, so you have to jump on them. They also cost $25 a pop. To order them, you have to sign up on the platform and scroll down to Film Tickets: Online.  But first you’ll need to figure out which of the films you want to watch, and the list is long. We’ve sifted out 10 eye-opening and timely films to look for:


The Hard Questions: Never Look Away

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  A timely documentary that follows CNN camerawoman Margaret Moth, a New Zealander reporting from inside the war in Ukraine, as she puts her life on the line confronting the people who are perpetuating the devastation.

Who’s behind it:  The doc is the directorial debut of fellow New Zealander Lucy Lawless, who’s best known as Xena: Warrior Princess and for her role in Battlestar Galactica.

The resonance: An unflinching look at war and the risks that journalists face on the front lines, Never Look Away asks tough questions about why there’s such an appetite for 24/7 war coverage. Where to order your ticket to stream it.


Top of the Buyers’ Lists:  A Real Pain

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  Two cousins with very different personalities take a tour of Poland in honor of their late grandmother, a World War II survivor, and end up joining a Holocaust tour — where old family tensions resurface and threaten their bonding adventure.

The talent:  Jesse Eisenberg (Fleishman is in Trouble) is the screenwriter, director and co-star of the film alongside newly minted Emmy-winner Kieran Culkin, fresh off family dysfunction drama Succession. Will Sharpe (White Lotus) and Jennifer Grey also appear, and Emma Stone and Dave McCary produce.

The resonance:  As war continues to rage in Ukraine and Gaza, A Real Pain takes a step back to look at how the devastation shapes future generations, a theme that will strike a chord with many right now. Culkin and Eisenberg are both skilled at walking the comedy-drama tightropes, and this one is expected to get a big deal at the festival.  Where to order your ticket to stream it.


Eye Opener: Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  An “impressionistic documentary” about a series of events that took place in 1960, when jazz musicians Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach crashed a U.N. Security Council meeting, the premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, banged his shoe to denounce America’s color bar, and the U.S. turned Louis Armstrong into an ambassador — sending him to the Congo to distract attention from a coup.

Who’s behind it:  Directed by Belgian filmmaker Johan Grimonprez (“Shadow World” and “Blue Orchids”).

Why it’s worth your time:  You won’t come across many political docs about CIA machinations set to a soundtrack of rumba, classical jazz, and bebop, but as the director tells Variety, “Music is an actor of this global story.”  Weaving together historical footage from the U.N., home movies from the Congo, and archival footage of the musicians, the film reveals how several iconic jazz legends were used as ploys for international plots…unbeknownst to them. Where to order your ticket.


The Future of Romance (Without Us):  Love Me

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  Set long after humans have gone extinct, two star-crossed “metallic protagonists” meet through interfaces, become human forms, and fall in love, and that’s all you get to know right now.

The talent: Kristen Stewart and Steve Yeun (fresh off his Emmy win for Beef).  Directed by husband and wife Sam and Andy Zuchero.

Why watch it now:  According to IndieWire, this is the film distributors are most excited about out of the 100+ unveiling at the festival. After a year of hype over AI and the robots that will soon replace us, surely many are curious to see if all that intelligence helps them do a better job at love.  Where to order your ticket to stream it.


A Riveting True Story:  Rob Peace

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s aboutA biopic about a biochemist who rose up from poverty in Newark to graduate from Yale while earning six figures selling weed, and the tragic way his life unfolded.

The talent: Directed by and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, who directed The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, the film stars Jay Will, Mary J. Blige, and Camila Cabello.

The resonance:  High on buyers lists, the film is based on the biography “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace,” which was written by his college roommate Jeff Hobbs. The film will raise some bigger questions as it tells Peace’s bittersweet story, and expect it to arrive in theaters later this year. Where to order your ticket.


The Crowdpleaser:  My Old Ass

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  After tripping on mushrooms the summer before college, Elliott comes face-to-face with the older version of herself, who warns not to fall in love, which sets her off on a new adventure of self discovery and, yes, love in what promises to be an emotionally resonant coming-of-age comedy.

The talent:  Aubrey Plaza and Maddie Ziegler star, Margot Robbie produces, and Megan Park (The Fallout) directs.

While you’ll want to watch it:  Mainstream comedies with fantastical elements can be rare at Sundance, but you can expect this one to benefit from Margot Robbie’s involvement and get “the Barbie Boost” when it lands in theaters later this year.  Where to order your online ticket.


A Succession Replacement:  Veni Vidi Vici

The best Sundance movies that you can stream online
Courtesy of Magnify

What it’s about:  A satire about unchecked privilege, this is the story of a super rich German family that has a passion for hunting…but not animals. “Their wealth allows them to live totally free from consequences.” Draw your own conclusions.

The talent:  Directed by Daniel Hoesl and Julia Niemann. Written by Hoesl (Davos).

Why watch it now:  Succession and White Lotus have dominated TV awards season and media conversations in recent years, and they’ve left a top .01% hole in many viewers’ lives. This provocative drama mimics the sibling dynamic of Succession’s The Roys while taking its satire to the next level. The film’s sales rep describes it as “fueled with dark humor, psychotic absurdity, and hyper-realistic violence.”  Where to order your ticket to stream it.


The Climate Conflict:  The Battle for Laikipia

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about: Kenya’s entry into the World Documentary category, The Battle for Laikipia explores how historical injustices combined with climate change are exacerbating a generations-old conflict between white landowners and Indigenous pastoralists at a wildlife conservation haven in Kenya.

Who’s behind it:  Directed by Daphne Matziaraki from Greece and Peter Murimi from Kenya.

Why watch it:  A window into the larger consequences of dwindling natural resources that are already happening, it’s a stunning film that also captures personal stories from the farmers, ranchers, and conservationists who fear the loss of their home and sense of place.  Where to order your ticket.


A Coming of Age Treat:  Suncoast

The best Sundance movies that you can stream onlineWhat it’s about:  As her mother disappears into caring for her sick brother, a high school girl befriends an eccentric activist and tries to make the most of her teenage life around the edges of sadness in this ultimately uplifting comedy-drama.

The talent:  Nico Parker (The Last of Us) stars with Laura Linney as her mother and Woody Harrelson as the activist. The semi autobiographical story is written and directed by Laura Chinn (Florida Girls) in her directorial debut.

Why watch it:  Sundance gave birth to CODA, another fresh take on the coming of age story that surprised everyone as it broke new ground.  Suncoast traces relatable, funny-in-hindsight challenges of high school, but with a story that shows us how to fully live in the wake of grief. With Linney, Harrelson and Parkers’ talents, we might be hearing about this one during next year’s Oscars season.  Where to get your ticket.

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