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The Freshman Released: September 1, 1925 -1399075200 Rated: PG

Welcome, or No Trespassing Released: July 1, 1964 -173664000 Rated: PG

An intriguing time capsule of a film with an original take on the summer camp movie, Welcome, or No Trespassing is also a biting social satire of the autocratic Soviet regime.

The Mandalorian Refresher Released: Rated:

If the notoriously fractious Star Wars fandom can agree that The Mandalorian is a worthy torchbearer as the franchise heads into an uncertain future, it’s got to be worth checking out. 

Sexy Beasts Released: Rated:

You know how Belle fell for that Beast, who was really just a Furry hiding a hot stud of a prince? That’s essentially the premise of this dating show, which may or may not be a parody of The Bachelor. Shop for your next date or your next pet and have …

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We are Lady Parts Released: Rated:

This is a funny, endearing, fresh show that demonstrates what proper representation looks like.

Fire Island Released: Rated: TV-MA

Fire Island is one of the best gay films released in recent memory. It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it is beautifully written, acted, and directed. It may not win Oscars–comedies rarely do; gay films more rarely still–but it is an instant classic that …

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie Released: Rated: PG-13

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is an entertaining animated comedy made especially for fans of the show. But you can still enjoy it if you’re a newcomer, and it might even inspire you to go back and watch some episodes for more of this family’s crazy antics.

Bridgerton Released: Rated:

Emmy nominated for Best Drama and Best Actor (Regé-Jean Page), this sexy, modern, and diverse take on Regency romance is a delightful departure from the traditional. Yet it still has enough conventional elements to appeal to fans of classic Jane Aus …

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Severance Released: Rated:

Severance is unlike any other show on TV right now. It builds slowly, drawing you in with stylish minutiae, but then intensifies, goes deeper, and becomes more paranoia-inducing with each successive episode.

The Worst Person in the World Released: Rated: R

The Worst Person in the World is a fluidly told story not about love, but instead about self-awareness, acceptance, and the persistent insecurity that accompanies the pursuit of both.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet Released: Rated: PG

This film might break your heart, but it also might inspire you to action. I ended up energized by the idea that we can reverse the loss of wildlife and slow the pace of climate change, and that doing so will make our lives better.

The Tender Bar Released: Rated: R

George Clooney directs a compelling movie with relatable and easy-to-root-for characters. The Tender Bar manages to have the emotional depth of any other Oscar contender but without the expected sadness or sturm and drang.

The French Dispatch Released: Rated: R

This is the most Andersonian of Wes Anderson’s movies so far, and arguably his most ambitious work to date. You may find yourself craving more and wanting to re-watch it immediately to pick up what you missed amongst the sensory overload.

Belfast Released: Rated: PG-13

Belfast benefits from a stellar cast and skilled direction in its depiction of a personal story with a fresh perspective on a complicated moment in history. 

Muhammad Ali Released: Rated:

There’s no better focal point to examine the turbulent racial, religious, cultural, and political currents that shook America throughout the 1960s and 70s than Ken Burns’ Muhammad Ali. Ali transcended the narrow theater of sport to become, for a time …

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Halloween Kills Released: Rated: R

Halloween Kills is a worthy entry in the Halloween franchise. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s an above-average slasher movie that will get you in the spooky season mood.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye Released: Rated: PG-13

As silly as Tammy Faye Bakker seemed on the surface, behind the layers of make-up and over-the-top TV persona was a strong, resilient woman, someone whose story sheds light on the growing power and greed of mass-marketed evangelicals.

Sex and Lucía Released: Rated: NR

A cinephile’s choice for a Netflix and Chill night, Sex and Lucia is a sizzling and intoxicating portrait of two lovers … and their other lovers … that explores the blurry lines between reality and imagination, love and lust, tragedy and obsessio …

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IMPACT with Gal Gadot Released: Rated:

After a year of devastating news that has so many feeling hopeless, IMPACT brings a much-needed jolt of inspiration.

My Octopus Teacher Released: Rated: TV-G

A stunning, often magical and emotional documentary that inspires awe and empathy, My Octopus Teacher brings a personal narrative to a nature documentary and captures the brilliance of a familiar sea creature like nothing before it.

Beastie Boys Story Released: Rated: TV-14

Money and fame be damned, it’s our relationships that sustain us and love that will save the day.

Premature Released: Rated: TV-MA

A provocative, rapturous indie about a 17-year-old poet who meets an aspiring songwriter during her last summer before leaving for college. It’s a heart-wrenching story about a passionate first love that delivers a breakout performance, piercing writ …

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Stepmom Released: December 24, 1998 914457600 Rated: PG-13

A classic that addresses tough topics like blending families and how to cope with grief, Stepmom can also serve as a kind of road map for how to broach tough topics like a terminal illness.

North Country Released: October 6, 2005 1128556800 Rated: R

North Country is a movie designed to make you feel something. It’s a harsh, sometimes disgusting film that ultimately illuminates and uplifts as it sheds light on the courage of the human spirit.

Friday Night Lights Released: September 19, 2006 1158624000 Rated:

You’re the Worst Released: May 10, 2014 1399680000 Rated:

Through the eyes of two cynics who seem doomed to be alone, You’re the Worst embraces the complexity of modern relationships and the many emotional layers they surface. It’s also an accurate and empathetic portrait of what it’s like to live with clin …

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One Day at a Time Released: January 6, 2017 1483660800 Rated:

A masterpiece of a modern family sitcom, One Day at a Time is that rare three-generation watch that families from all backgrounds can relate to.

Derry Girls Released: January 12, 2018 1515715200 Rated:

Like the community and era they represent, the Derry Girls bring a feisty resilience to their teenage troubles, and in spite of the larger Troubles surrounding them, they’re unafraid to speak their minds and stand up for themselves.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? Released: September 1, 2018 1535760000 Rated: R

At first glance a true crime story, the film is actually a look at how poverty, loneliness and imposter syndrome can seduce someone into creating a false reality.

The Umbrella Academy Released: February 5, 2019 1549324800 Rated:

The Umbrella Academy is a wildly imaginative take on the superhero genre, but it works mainly because of the strong characters and dysfunctional family at its core.
Still from The Boys Season 3

The Boys Released: July 26, 2019 1564099200 Rated:

The Boys has shock value, action, and gore, but also peels back the layers of its characters, making even the super-humans seem more human.

Welcome to Plathville Released: November 5, 2019 1572912000 Rated:

Welcome to Plathville is a riveting microcosm of the cultural divisions in this country, within the structure of one dysfunctional family.

Never Have I Ever Released: April 10, 2020 1586476800 Rated:

A fresh coming-of-age dramedy, Never Have I Ever depicts how the death of a loved one can impact teens’ mental health, as well as a parent’s wellbeing. Families enduring similar struggles will find relatability and reassurance to know they’re not alo …

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Irresistible Released: June 26, 2020 1593129600 Rated: R

A post-election escape watch from Jon Stewart, the 2020 political satire works as an entertaining crash course on local campaign organizing while doubling as an expose on the dysfunctions of the “election economy.”

The Oprah Conversation Released: July 30, 2020 1596067200 Rated:

A timely, much-needed series that combines raw honesty with the moderation only Oprah can bring, offering a road map for how to move forward.

The Home Edit Released: September 9, 2020 1599609600 Rated:

Though organizing and tidying can be stress-inducing, The Home Edit experts demonstrate that the key to taking control of your space again is to have a system that works for you and your workflow.

Tehran Season 1 Released: September 25, 2020 1600992000 Rated:

A timely, nail-biting spy thriller that you won’t be able to stop watching, Tehran is as illuminating as it is gripping.

Together Together Released: January 31, 2021 1612051200 Rated: R

This film is heartwarming and heartbreaking in all the ways you want in a character-driven indie about a subject matter that we need to talk more about.

Rutherford Falls Released: April 22, 2021 1619049600 Rated:

Rutherford Falls is a clever and sweet satire similar to Michael Schur’s other half-hour comedies. Like Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, it’s surprisingly deep and deserves just as much attention.

King Richard Released: November 19, 2021 1637280000 Rated: PG-13

A riveting and thoughtful look at all of the extraordinary members of the Williams family, King Richard is the rare Oscar caliber film that entertains as it inspires, shedding new light on the lives of two of the most iconic athletes of our time and …

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Abbott Elementary Released: December 7, 2021 1638835200 Rated:

Abbott Elementary will catch you off guard and surprise you. It captures the balance between comedy and heart, much like its mockumentary predecessors—but with a new spin, because the work these characters are doing truly matters.

Pam & Tommy Released: February 2, 2022 1643760000 Rated:

Riding the current trend of dramatized real-life events to the limits, Pam & Tommy does an excellent job of comparing what happened to everyone involved with our still-evolving attitudes surrounding sex, consent, and pornography today.

No Exit Released: February 25, 2022 1645747200 Rated: R

A slow-paced, unpredictable thriller with a surprise twist, No Exit challenges the viewer as it tests its protagonist to overcome her painful past. The chilling world and intense final act make the movie a must-watch.

Our Flag Means Death Released: March 3, 2022 1646265600 Rated:

Our Flag Means Death is a fun escape into the absurd, and we could all use a reminder that even in the 1700s people had mid-life crises and needed to escape reality as much as we do today.

Two Men at War Released: March 6, 2022 1646524800 Rated:

This documentary special helps put the Ukraine war in context through an analysis of the history and psychology of the two very different men at the center of it.

The Adam Project Released: March 11, 2022 1646956800 Rated: PG-13

The Adam Project is one of those movies you go into imagining big explosions and kids hilariously making life-or-death decisions (like Zathura, for example). And, to be sure it throws everything it has at the wall and then some: time-travel jiu jitsu …

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Minx Released: March 17, 2022 1647475200 Rated:

The streaming series about the intersection between feminism and smut could endear even the most skeptical. And what it might lack in delicacy, it certainly makes up for in swagger.

Master Released: March 18, 2022 1647561600 Rated: R

Master is a social commentary thriller/horror without the blood or gore. Supernatural aspect aside, it addresses very real issues that some college educational systems struggle with.

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