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The Freshman Released: September 1, 1925 -1399075200 Rated: PG

An endearing time capsule of a film that your great (great) grandparents likely watched, The Freshman captures the innocence and physical antics of silent era comedy with a clever story that even overstimulated kids would get a kick out of.

Welcome, or No Trespassing Released: July 1, 1964 -173664000 Rated: PG

An intriguing time capsule of a film with an original take on the summer camp movie, Welcome, or No Trespassing is also a biting social satire of the autocratic Soviet regime.

The Mandalorian Refresher Released: Rated:

If the notoriously fractious Star Wars fandom can agree that The Mandalorian is a worthy torchbearer as the franchise heads into an uncertain future, it’s got to be worth checking out. 

Sexy Beasts Released: Rated:

You know how Belle fell for that Beast, who was really just a Furry hiding a hot stud of a prince? That’s essentially the premise of this dating show, which may or may not be a parody of The Bachelor. Shop for your next date or your next pet and have …

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Fire Island Released: Rated: TV-MA

Fire Island is one of the best gay films released in recent memory. It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it is beautifully written, acted, and directed. It may not win Oscars–comedies rarely do; gay films more rarely still–but it is an instant classic that …

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie Released: Rated: PG-13

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is an entertaining animated comedy made especially for fans of the show. But you can still enjoy it if you’re a newcomer, and it might even inspire you to go back and watch some episodes for more of this family’s crazy antics.

Bridgerton Released: Rated:

Emmy nominated for Best Drama and Best Actor (Regé-Jean Page), this sexy, modern, and diverse take on Regency romance is a delightful departure from the traditional. Yet it still has enough conventional elements to appeal to fans of classic Jane Aus …

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Severance Released: Rated:

Severance is unlike any other show on TV right now. It builds slowly, drawing you in with stylish minutiae, but then intensifies, goes deeper, and becomes more paranoia-inducing with each successive episode.

The Worst Person in the World Released: Rated: R

The Worst Person in the World is a fluidly told story not about love, but instead about self-awareness, acceptance, and the persistent insecurity that accompanies the pursuit of both.

Letterkenny Released: Rated:

Contrary to typical portrayals of small-town folks, the residents of Letterkenny are quick-witted and fully aware of broader social issues. Though they trade unrelenting insults, the warring factions come together more than once to defend one of thei …

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The Tinder Swindler Released: Rated: TV-MA

The Tinder Swindler starts as a too-good-to-be-true love story and quickly evolves into a revenge thriller, then a cautionary tale. Though this serves as a reminder that one should trust their gut and be on the lookout for red flags, it’s also a stor …

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Marry Me Released: Rated: PG-13

Marry Me is a fun love story with a killer hook that could have been a total disaster, but ultimately succeeds thanks to the likability of its characters and wholehearted embrace of the conventions of classic romantic comedies.

Dollface Released: Rated:

Dollface explores big ideas surrounding the necessity and value of female friendship and the frustrations of millennial womanhood but manages to make it light, with surreal humor and playful punchlines sprinkled throughout.

The Alpinist Released: Rated: PG-13

Joie de vivre never looked so effortless as it does in The Alpinist. While the spectacular cinematography wows the senses, the beautiful character portrait at its core of an eccentric, backwoods mountain climber stirs the humanity in us all.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet Released: Rated: PG

This film might break your heart, but it also might inspire you to action. I ended up energized by the idea that we can reverse the loss of wildlife and slow the pace of climate change, and that doing so will make our lives better.

Licorice Pizza Released: Rated: R

Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s love letter to how unapologetic hormones and Los Angeles can be, Licorice Pizza is a collection of engaging moments that invites you into its vintage world and make you want to stay.

The Righteous Gemstones Released: Rated:

A brilliant and sardonic look at the gaudy world of televangelism filled with quick one-liners and surprisingly heartfelt moments.

Twentysomethings: Austin Released: Rated:

This series provides an honest exploration of young adulthood and all the struggles that come with it in a relatable, yet entertaining way. It serves as a refreshing reminder that humor, curiosity, and optimism can serve as important tools in trying …

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Archive 81 Released: Rated:

Archive 81 is a binge-worthy, well-paced horror/sci-fi series that will keep viewers intrigued and filled with anticipation during each of its eight gripping episodes. It’s edge-of-your seat good!

Yellowjackets Released: Rated:

Yellowjackets is a dark and potent cocktail, mixing genres in a way that makes it fresh and different from anything you’ve seen before. It digs deep into the human psyche, testing the boundaries of what its characters (and audience) can endure, but a …

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The Tender Bar Released: Rated: R

George Clooney directs a compelling movie with relatable and easy-to-root-for characters. The Tender Bar manages to have the emotional depth of any other Oscar contender but without the expected sadness or sturm and drang.

The Power of the Dog Released: Rated: R

The Power of the Dog delivers amazing vistas and performances, some of which may still be seared in the mind after viewing. There is a uniqueness in the story and in the acting, thanks to the joint efforts of Campion and Cumberbatch.

The French Dispatch Released: Rated: R

This is the most Andersonian of Wes Anderson’s movies so far, and arguably his most ambitious work to date. You may find yourself craving more and wanting to re-watch it immediately to pick up what you missed amongst the sensory overload.

Silent Sea Released: Rated:

While the American film Don’t Look Up is getting a lot of buzz, Netflix viewers should also check out The Silent Sea for a different perspective on the future of our planet, and the role of our outer space in the search for answers.

Single’s Inferno Released: Rated:

A cross between Love Island and Survivor, Single’s Inferno is the perfect guilty pleasure to supplant your own dearth of a social life right now.

Amanpour: Sex and Love Around the World Released: Rated:

A fun and fascinating look at cross-cultural sexual mores and how they’re changing, Sex and Love Around the World will definitely spark conversation, if not something more.

Station Eleven Released: Rated:

A stupendously prescient and relevant post-pandemic drama with a strong undercurrent of hope and a clear faith in humanity. When the novel debuted a half-decade ago, it felt like a wonderful work of science-fiction. Not anymore.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Released: Rated: PG-13

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man in any form, No Way Home is not to be missed. Just be prepared for an emotional workout, with wild swings worthy of the web-slinger himself.

West Side Story (2021) Released: Rated: PG-13

Steven Spielberg manages to make this West Side Story both retro and modern at the same time. The movie doesn’t lose any steam in this reboot, 60 years in the making.

Passing Released: Rated: PG-13

A nuanced and beautiful look at the way race and the constructs of race shapes our lives, with wonderful performances by its two leading ladies.

The Center Seat Released: Rated:

A combination of a deep dive and a crash course into Star Trek from its inception up through the early 2000s, covering the shows, movies, and the phenomenon itself.

Belfast Released: Rated: PG-13

Belfast benefits from a stellar cast and skilled direction in its depiction of a personal story with a fresh perspective on a complicated moment in history. 

Procession Released: Rated: R

Experimental, controversial, and heartbreaking. Procession hammers home the necessity of reclaiming one’s own story from the grips of time and those who don’t wish to hear it.

Encanto Released: Rated: PG

Encanto is a charming and heartfelt musical with beautiful visuals that ought to delight families of all ages.

Cowboy Bebop Released: Rated:

A strange, poignant and funny adventure with amazing music, a talented cast, and beautifully detailed costumes and sets, the live action Cowboy Bebop adaptation makes you nostalgic for the original—hey, guess what’s also streaming on Netflix? All 26 …

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Last Night in Soho Released: Rated: R

Last Night in Soho takes horror and coming-of-age tropes and subverts them in a stylish thriller that has more depth than meets the eye.

Industry Released: Rated:

Industry is a series fueled by greed, drugs, sex, and money, and provides all of these ingredients in Federal Reserve-sized quantities. There’s never a dull moment.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Released: Rated:

Imagine if the (female) writers of SNL remade Sex and The City for a younger, woker generation, where the cringe factor just slightly overshadowed the sex factor, and Mindy Kaling was the showrunner. You would have The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Released: Rated:

With a pretty, beach-y setting, two adorable leads, and a host of beguiling small-town characters, this is K-drama-as-comfort-food.

Muhammad Ali Released: Rated:

There’s no better focal point to examine the turbulent racial, religious, cultural, and political currents that shook America throughout the 1960s and 70s than Ken Burns’ Muhammad Ali. Ali transcended the narrow theater of sport to become, for a time …

Muhammad Ali Read More »

Red Notice Released: Rated: PG-13

You go for The Rock’s charismatic winks and buff poise, but you stay watching Red Notice for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool as an art thief. Add in a pinch of Indiana Jones action and Wonder Woman-turned-villainous, and we have a surprising hit on our han …

Red Notice Read More »

tick, tick… BOOM! Released: Rated: PG-13

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andrew Garfield bring Jonathan Larson’s life and work to the screen in a way that’s universal, but will have a special resonance for fans of musical theater.

Eternals Released: Rated: PG-13

A Marvel movies this also wholeheartedly Chloé Zhao’s movie, too; a kinder, gentler tale of God-like creatures that’s rooted in nature, humanity, and the fierce drive to protect what you love at all costs. Add in a few honestly surprising plot twists …

Eternals Read More »

Star Trek: Prodigy Released: Rated:

The values of Star Trek, and then some: unity, diversity, individuality, optimism, idealism and hope. What more could you ask for? How about the return of Captain Janeway? Yeah, it’s got that too.

Colin in Black & White Released: Rated:

You’ll want to talk about this scripted dramatic series about Colin Kaepernick’s childhood – created by Ava DuVernay and Kaepernick – which reveals how he faced down racism and classism while rising to the top of the sports world.   

Only Murders in the Building Released: Rated:

Only Murders in the Building is a gripping mystery with a touch of comedy, a strong sense of style, and charm to spare. There’s nothing else like it on TV right now.

Halloween Kills Released: Rated: R

Halloween Kills is a worthy entry in the Halloween franchise. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s an above-average slasher movie that will get you in the spooky season mood.

On My Block Released: Rated:

A clever, witty, and endearing look at the lives of inner-city teenagers that will make you laugh out loud but also sob uncontrollably. On My Block is the perfect blend of romance, drama, and comedy, a true standout in the world of teen drama. 

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