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Twentysomethings: Austin

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What it’s about:

This binge-worthy, unscripted reality TV series follows eight individuals in their twenties who move to Austin from all over America for a fresh start after lockdown restrictions eased in the fall of 2021. These strangers, who come from vastly different backgrounds, lean on one another as they experience love, navigate their careers, and discover their passions in a new place.

Names you might know:

The charismatic cast is comprised of Abbey Humphreys, Raquel Daniels, Isha Punja, Natalie Cabo, Bruce Stephenson, Michael Fractor, Keauno Perez, Kamari Bonds, and Adam Davenport. Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, David Tibballs, Wes Dening, and Ian Gelfand serve as executive producers for this series. 

Why it’s worth your time:

Eight singles from all over America move to the dynamic and vibrant city of Austin to make up for lost time after the lockdowns of 2020. The four women live next door to the four men, and the two properties share an inviting pool and cozy firepit—the setting for many pool parties, barbecue hangouts, and casual conversations.

This series combines the intriguing narratives of each cast member to deliver a well-balanced look into the wins and struggles of young adulthood. The audience follows along as Keauno attempts to live an authentic life as a gay man who’s recently come out, as Abbey navigates life fresh out of a divorce, and as Natalie lives on her own for the first time at 26 years old.

Each cast member’s journey in Austin is different and captures a distinct aspect of the growing pains of young adulthood. The series brings the audience along with them as their friendships and romantic relationships grow and evolve, as the cast members experience firsts, and celebrate wins and struggle with losses. At the end of their three months living together, each cast member decides whether they want to leave Austin or try to lay roots in America’s fastest-growing city.

Peppered with low-stakes drama between this very likable cast, Twentysomethings: Austin captures the buzzing excitement and chaotic energy of a time in your life when possibilities are brimming.

The takeaway:

This series provides an honest exploration of young adulthood and all the struggles that come with it in a relatable, yet entertaining way. It serves as a refreshing reminder that humor, curiosity, and optimism can serve as important tools in trying and tumultuous times.

Watch it with:

Your friends, anyone in their twenties, and anybody longing for their twenties. This coming-of-age show is relatable to all young adults who are trying to figure it out. And it’s the perfect escape for anyone who’s nostalgic for their youth, and the vibrant energy that comes with meeting new people, discovering yourself, and seeking adventures outside of your comfort zone.

Worth noting:

The living situation in Twentysomethings: Austin is inspired by the classic sitcom Friends, where the six main cast members lived across the hall from each other.

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