The 8 Show

A stylish scripted dark comedy with nods to Squid Game, the new K-drama follows eight down-and-out “contestants” who have been whisked off to a house for what they’re told is a game show where they can change their fortunes…but only by entertaining people at home watching them through dozens of cameras. As the audience grows

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The Big Cigar

Set in 1974, The Big Cigar tells the dramatized true story of how Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton (played by André Holland) was smuggled into Cuba with the help of Hollywood producer Bert Schneider (Alessandro Nivola) to escape capture by the FBI. From the writer behind Argo, the six episode series comes from Winning

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Yellowstone and Twin Peaks collide in Outer Range

Outer Range

More Twin Peaks than Yellowstone, the Josh Brolin-led drama is part Western, part sci-fi mystery, and part high-minded family drama, one that contemplates the existence of God and the nature of tragedy. Three mysteries drive the plot: the disappearance of the patriarch’s daughter-in-law, the mysterious arrival of a young backpacker, and the sudden gaping void

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Bridgerton S3 (Part 1)

The first four episodes of Bridgerton’s long-awaited Season 3 rewards the fans with a racier outing. The central plot focuses on Colin (Luke Newton) as he takes Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) under his wing to learn the art of charming and seducing a husband…and begins to see her in a new light. Expect the usual

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After the Flood BritBox mystery thriller

After the Flood

A new British mystery thriller that weaves a timely flood in a quintessential Yorkshire small town with a murder and a complex plot that must be unraveled.  Starring several UK favorites and interjecting just enough English detective humor to keep it entertaining and resonant. From Radio Times: “With an interesting blend of high-drama and genuine

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Interview with a Vampire Season 2

Interview with the Vampire S2

The updated take on the Anne Rice novel and 1994 film sees the hedonistic French vampire Lestat falling for a Black New Orleans businessman, Louis, and offering him an escape from his mortal world. In Season 2, Louis heads to Paris, where his romantic relationship becomes more complicated, new characters are introduced, and the plot

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Doctor Who and the new doctor on Disney plus

Doctor Who

For a PG-13 watch that lets viewers drop into one of the most successful British TV series without any catch-up needed, this brand new Doctor Who arrives on Disney+.  The time and space traveling doc and his friends skip from Regency era England to a distant future, and leading the way is Sex Education‘s Ncuti

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Elite boarding school drama Maxton Hall

Maxton Hall: The World Between Us

After witnessing a scandalous event, quick-witted scholarship student Ruby enters the orbit and attempted bribes of the spoiled hunk at her elite boarding school in Germany, where the kids embody “everything that’s wrong with the rich,” as she puts it.  A swanky, sexy Euro teen soap unfolds that on the surface resembles the Spanish Elite

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Bodkin thriller


A group of podcasters in small town Ireland investigate a series of disappearances, and in the process discover yoga nuns, secret children, server farms, and other increasingly bizarre revelations in this dark and twisty comedic thriller from the Mare of Easttown producers and Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground. Reviews are mixed, but those who

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Hollywood Con Queen

A three-part documentary about the Indonesian man who conned budding filmmakers and actors out of thousands by pretending to be Hollywood’s most powerful producers — from Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, Annapurna Pictures’ founder Megan Ellison — and luring them to Indonesia for film projects that didn’t exist.

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