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Artificial: Remote Intelligence

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Why it’s worth your time:

An Emmy and Peabody award-winner for Innovation, Artificial: Remote Intelligence is a live interactive sci-fi series that taps you — and the rest of the Twitch audience — to interact with the characters and collectively shape the story.  Your mission: to help an artificial intelligence creature transform into a human.

You can even help create and cast a new character in their “world building” episodes.

The show was masterminded by Bernie Su, one of the pioneers of scripted digital series. You may know him from the Emmy-winning Lizzie Bennett Diaries, or his edgy 2010 Streamy Award winner, Compulsions.

The takeaway:

Ever wanted to jump into Westworld or Ex Machina and redirect a story arc or two?  Wishing there was a character you could relate to or just one you could play puppet master to?   Here’s your chance to jump in — not just in choosing from a few pre-fab adventures — but in building the storyline and personalities that drive the story.

Watch it with:

Your fellow humanoids—and the new buddies you meet on the platform.

Worth noting:

Want to change the mood of the story?  You can help transform the musical score of the series through a new adaptive music platform that responds in real-time to what you type in chat. Huh? Yeah, you have to participate to see how this works.

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