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Chrissy’s Court

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Why it’s worth your time:

Mix Judge Judy with Chrissy Teigen’s comedic spin and you’ll get Chrissy’s Court — from mobile short-form platform Quibi. It’s completely ridiculous, but it knows that. The show’s goal is to fix people’s problems. If you’re a fan of Chrissy’s, you know that she loves the Reddit thread, Who is the asshole? She weighs in on some of the most popular threads, and it’s become a popular theme on her Instagram. So, why not do it for reality TV?

What You Can Expect

If you want hilarious legally-binding rulings with real people, this is the show for you. The contestants range from people needing money for broken objects to couples fighting about whether a gift to a friend was appropriate. There’s not always a monetary reward, but occasionally, there is. It has the drama of Judge Judy with a bit of class from Teigen and some laugh-out-loud moments.

Each episode is just 10 minutes and formatted for your phone to watch on the go. With every new episode is a new case, and Chrissy’s mom “Pepper Thai” maintains order in the court. Though the cases are over the top, and definitely “first world problems,” there’s something comforting in it all. You know what to expect, and it’s just straight laughs. Don’t expect to get life lessons . It’s purely a quick binge watch if you need something mindless and funny.


The takeaway:

Chrissy’s Court is the perfect binge watch. You’ll get her fiery personality and her cute kids! Expect cameos from John Legend, Luna, and Miles. If you’re looking for something funny that you can watch on the go, this is the show for you. With only 100 minutes of content, you could easily watch it in a day. Or, spread the episodes out during work and study breaks. While it might not be the best thing you’ve ever watched, it will go down as an enjoyable one—and sometimes, that’s enough.

Watch it with:

Thanks to the short episodes, it’s easy to pull up on your phone just for yourself. Hey, you can even watch it during a bathroom break. We don’t judge!

Worth noting:

Though they say the rulings are legally binding, don’t try any of this at home. This is purely entertainment, and the problems really aren’t big enough for a legit judge to take on anyhow.

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