Mrs. Doubtfire

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Why it’s worth your time:

Looking for a funny movie to share with the entire family? If so, consider watching “Mrs. Doubtfire.” After his wife files for divorce, Daniel Hillard can’t bear being apart from his three young children. But after the court rules in his ex-wife, Miranda’s favor, and sets strict custody rules, Daniel takes matters into his own hands by coming up with a new persona: Mrs. Doubtfire. Disguised as a British nanny, Daniel applies to become his children’s caregiver and is hired by his ex-wife to help get the family back in order.

The takeaway:

“Mrs. Doubtfire” depicts the difficulties children face after divorce and the depths parents take to stitch their families back together–even if that means becoming someone else. Focused on the themes of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and love, this classic movie is a gentle reminder that families are complicated and sometimes dysfunctional. Still, a repair is always possible, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Watch it with:

Whether you want to distill family differences or connect with family members through humor, “Mrs. Doubtfire” is a film that sparks joy for everyone.

Worth noting:

If you’ve recently gone through a separation or divorce, this film might be triggering for children.

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