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Oprah Talks COVID-19

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Why it’s worth your time:

With everyone scared due to the Pandemic, it’s nice to see a familiar face in Oprah Talks COVID-19. We’re constantly reading and watching the news, which shows us some pretty frightening numbers, but Oprah’s show talks to those who have been diagnosed, like Idris Elba, and those who have something inspiring to say, like Pastor Wintley Phipps. There isn’t too much science talk, or talk about what causes this virus to be so deadly, but instead, it focuses on the positives of the situation. How social isolating can help us to be still and pause, what we can learn from an outbreak like this, and how to move forward in life while stuck inside. Though it’s a show surrounding what will be called one of the scariest events in history, it’s light, interesting, and makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Oprah Talks COVID-19 isn’t some big flashy production. These are Facetime interviews, and the camera quality isn’t the best. You aren’t going to be wowed by special effects and production. This is a real, raw view of people who are dealing with coronavirus. Oprah is her ever-charming self, and through the many talks she has, there are bits of wisdom that you can hold onto. This was put together by Apple as a last-minute show, but it’s been fairly successful so far. Though it’s simple, it’s also nice to know that the lockdowns and social distancing isn’t just affecting the “average” person. It’s also affecting people who are used to traveling often, rising above, and being successful.

Each episode starts out with Oprah saying a few things before she “calls” her guest of the day. It’s not rehearsed, so there’s an opportunity for each guest to say whatever they want, no matter how interesting it is. For example, Idris Elba talks about how many people he could’ve infected from when he was exposed to COVID-19 to the date he isolated himself. It’s shocking to see the impact he alone could’ve had on society. And in the second episode, Pastor Wintley Phipps even has a message from God for Oprah.

As I mentioned, these are real and raw interviews that give us exactly what we need in this time—honesty. You aren’t going to find Oprah wearing her finest dress with perfect makeup. You aren’t going to see these guests on lavish beaches and private jets. You see them dressed down, in their homes, speaking their truth. And strangely, no matter how much money they have or how well known they are, it’s comforting.

The takeaway:

If you need a bit of hope, or want to see how coronavirus is from someone asymptomatic but positive, this is a game changing show. You learn about COVID-19, and you also hear about what you can learn during this difficult time.

Watch it with:

Your spouse, partner, friends, or family that are old enough to understand the impacts of COVID-19.

Worth noting:

This is a free show, so you can see it even if you don’t currently have Apple TV+. Just, don’t expect a multi-million dollar production.

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