Cherish the Day

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What it’s about:

Cherish the Day is an NAACP award-winning and Oprah Winfrey that

Names you might know:

Why it’s worth your time:

Who hasn’t wondered about rekindling a flame from their younger days? That’s the first hook that makes Cherish the Day hard to resist. The other is its dramatic structure: the series tells the story of a reunion as it unfolds over the course of one day. Inspired by poems about embracing the moment, Ava DuVernay says she created the anthology to explore the moments we might otherwise overlook. The idea, as she explains it, is for viewers to “interrogate your own love relationships as you watch.”

Then there’s the dream of running into “the one who got away.” In this case, in mid-life after a high school love story that ended with Sunday, our protagonist, losing her faith in fairy tales.

Now she’s a sexy 40-something celebrity chef in Atlanta, and when she runs into her ex in New Orleans, he’s a handsome, all-grown-up dad with a “soon to be ex.”

Sunday isn’t entirely single, either, and the damage done many years before has changed her.  So now the question is, can they reignite their romance as two very different people with layers of hurt and years of life between them? And what exactly are the moments that could make it all happen again…or make it all go awry?

It’s a slow burn, but one you can disappear into. And with the chemistry between the two attractive and intriguing leads, the backdrop of New Orleans, and the backstories of their history, Cherish works as a romantic escape watch.

The takeaway:

A vicarious romance and weekend binge-watch that goes down like the Sade song it was named after.

Watch it with:

Your date, your S.O., or the one that got away. This one is also ideal for the single women looking for that perfect streaming beau… or single men, for that matter, looking for a dreamy stream girl (or guy). Both leads have the ability to inspire imaginations.

Worth noting:

Both characters are hovering near 50, so this one will give hope to anyone who thinks romance passed them by.

Joy Bryant’s breakthrough role came in Antwone Fisher in 2002, in which she was cast by Denzel Washington and played a US Navy sailor.

Where to find it:  OWN, Hulu Live, Prime Video

The First Season: Prime Video

Go Deeper:  See the trailer, clips, and interviews with Ava DuVernay

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